Passion for technology and electricity

GDK Engineering is the EPLAN engineering office of electrical engineer Geert De Keersmaecker. After more than 13 years in salaried employment as a draughtsmen and engineer in EPLAN, he felt the need to take on new challenges. In 2014 he started working on a self-employed basis in EPLAN. With the high demand for dedicated and reliable engineers and draughtsmen in EPLAN, he could not possibly cope with the huge influx of orders himself. This is why in 2016 he decided to further extend GDK Engineering to form an EPLAN engineering office that focuses on electrical engineering, drawing work and standardisation in EPLAN.

Geert De Keersmaecker is driven by passion for technology and electricity. He closely monitors technological evolutions, visits material fairs at home and abroad, and studies the laws and standards in different countries. This drive for renewal was also immediately the reason for starting his own business.

Quality guarantee

As a business manager with years of experience in EPLAN, he continues to be very closely involved in the content of the projects while being the quality guarantee for the work supplied.

In-depth expertise

Over the years, Geert De Keersmaecker has acquired great expertise in important standards and legislation. Some examples:

  • AREI (Belgian general regulations on electrical installations)
  • Machinery Directive NEN-EN-IEC 60204-01
  • Machine safety EN ISO 13849
  • ATEX directive
  • EHEDG guidelines
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)


GDK Engineering has the following licenses:

  • EPLAN Electrical P8 Professional
  • EPLAN Preplanning
  • EPLAN Data Portal
  • EPLAN Pro-Panel